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Are you looking to download JCheater APK? If yes, then you are probably at the right post.  JCheater APK is available for almost all the series released by Grand Theft Auto (GTA). GTA is one of the most famous and widely played gaming series. It has many die-hard fans too.

GTA being so much famous was cracked by the developers and some cheats were introduced so as to proceed in the game without any difficulties. JCheater APK is available for GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, GTA III, and GTA IV too. If you have JCheater APK with you while playing GTA games, then it lowers down the number of obstacles and difficulties for better and smooth gameplay.

What Is JCheater APK?

JCheater APK

JCheater is basically a cheats providing an android application which helps to save your time while playing GTA games. Moreover, it one of the most popular and widely used apps used for getting cheats for GTA game.

Apart from this, we do not promote playing games by cheating. But GTA is such a series in which if we don’t use cheat then a lot of time gets wasted and difficulty is also quite high. Therefore, to make it more interesting and fun to play, we have bought JCheater APK for you which might be the best consideration.

The best thing about JCheater APK is that it has all versions which are compatible with almost every game released by GTA. Therefore, you don’t have to search for separate cheat generators for all the games. Apart from this, it is quite small in size and also holds a good amount of pros.

Installing JCheater in your Android phone will give you access to a huge variety of features. These features will allow you to generate cheats and limit the number of things that you are willing to get. JCheater is perfect for grabbing unlimited money, useful resources, modern cars, unlimited health and much more. Those people who have tried cheats before must be knowing how beneficial they are.

With JCheater, you can have infinite ammunition. Moreover, you can also completely change the look of your player named Charles Jonson. The main aim of JCheater is to provide things in unlimited quantity.

Specifications of JCheater APK

  • Title: JCheater APK
  • Requirement: Android 2.3+
  • Supported devices: All phones and tablets running on Android OS
  • Category: Game Cheats
  • Downloads: 440k

Issues with JCheater APK

Well, before trying any android app for the first time, you must know about its pros and cons. Moreover, JCheater has one major con. The developers of JCheater are already aware of this problem. The problem that you will face while using JCheater APK is that your game will start crashing. Many of the times it will slow down too.

When you will start your game by using JCheater, you will be warned prior to its start. It is not the same as all the cheats. Generally when you spawn a lot of cars or do something which involves a lot of FPS functioning, then the frame rates drop causing to slow down the game. In extreme cases, it gives a high load over your device and sometimes crashes down the game.

Apart from having this disadvantage, JCheater has some pros too. Below we have pros and cons in a simple way for better understanding.


  • It is quite easy to set-up
  • You can apply to get a refund if it causes crashes while playing the game
  • There a number of unique cheats available
  • The user-interface of GTA is quite smooth and simple. This makes it quite easy to use and even a non-technician can use it without any problem
  • Available for almost all versions of GTA
  • Gives you access to infinite ammunition, money, clothes, health, etc.


  • Sometimes it becomes difficult to find the cheat button of JCheater making it difficult to activate cheats while playing the game
  • Your game starts to lag while using cheats from JCheater
  • When spawning a lot of cars together, your game might even crash resulting in loss of progress

When your game crashes while using JCheater APK, then you need not worry as it has an advantage here. It does not delete the game logs and helps you to save your data from wherever you left the game. You can again simply start the game, load the saved file and start playing. Moreover, the developers have stated that if your game crashes while using JCheater APK, then a refund will be initiated to you as soon as possible.

jcheater apk

How to Install JCheater APK

The installation process of JCheater APK is quite easy and doesn’t even take much time. Below we have provided a step by step guide. If you follow this guide properly, then we are pretty sure that you will get success in getting JCheater APK.

One thing you must remember is that JCheater has different versions for different GTA games. So, if you are looking JCheater for GTA Vice City, then you should download JCheater for GTA Vice City. But if you are looking to use JCheater in GTA San Andreas, then you must find the appropriate one.

Step 1: Simply download JCheater APK for the appropriate game you are going to play

Step 2: After downloading, head on to settings>additional settings>unknown sources and tap on allow

Step 3: Now head on to the location where you have download JCheater APK. Tap on it and click on install.

Step 4: After installing, simply click on open.

Step 5: After proceeding, you will see a simple user-interface from which you can set up the cheat and their function.


So this was all about JCheater APK. We are pretty sure that after reading this article till the end, you have successfully known about all the details and installation process of JCheater. If still there is any query, then comment box is open for all our valuable readers.

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